Being Considerate In The Rain

being considerate in the rainWalking home today from dropping my son at school, it suddenly started to rain very hard.  I hadn’t got far to go and I upped my pace to get home as quickly as possible.  Until that is I ran into someone’s inconsiderate reversing.

Our road is reasonably busy as it’s an access road for the surrounding side roads.  At certain times of day it can be difficult to get out of the drive especially if you are reversing.  Some people drive onto their drives and others reverse on, I guess it’s personal preference.  I don’t generally have any strong views on what anyone else does, but I tend to drive on as I find it less hassle (I don’t often need to drive during rush hour).

A lady up the road was reversing onto her drive, even though I was already in sight. She’d been looking out for other cars, but hadn’t considered pedestrians.  I got wetter while I waited.  There was no apology.  I can get that she might have missed seeing me to begin with, but in my brightly coloured coat there was no missing me later.  The apology was missing though.

I was not impressed, but it got me thinking on the subject.  It can be difficult to avoid splashing through puddles in the car.  It’s ok if the road is quiet and there’s plenty of room, but sometimes you have to go through the puddle because of oncoming traffic and sometimes you can’t slow down in time not to send up a big splash. As a pedestrian I tend to walk as far from the kerb as possible in wet weather, but it’s becoming more of an issue as our roads fall into a greater state of disrepair because of council budget cuts.  Road maintenance is not top priority.

Snatch: A Disappointment

snatch gameI’ve been playing Snatch over the last few days and to be honest I’m about to delete it from my phone.  It’s been a big disappointment.

I joined up in the hope of earning some great rewards, but to be honest there hasn’t been anything that you couldn’t easily get elsewhere.  I had a free month’s NOW TV membership (with quite a short closing date) and a £5 to spend at Prezzy Box, but these are hardly exclusive deals and £5 is nothing really. There are apparently bigger prizes on offer, but I suspect there aren’t many of those around.  Mostly what I have won is coins and gems which I can use in the game.  To be honest this wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if I had enjoyed the game.

Another annoying thing is having your parcels snatched.  Now I appreciate that is part of the game and I fully expect to have a few parcels snatched here and there, but when someone decides it would be ‘fun’ to clean you out of parcels, it’s frankly a bit irritating.  It’s also annoying, and borderline picking on someone really, if you take parcel after parcel off one individual, one after the other in a few minutes. There are ways to defend yourself, but they cost a lot of coins generally so it isn’t always feasible to do.  It’s put me right off playing as I think there are a couple of natural bullies in my area.  Obviously, it isn’t in their interests to put off other local players, but I don’t know if that point has occurred to them.  Well they will just have to find someone new to snatch parcels off in future, but I don’t suppose new users will stick around for long either.

Snatch seems like a great concept, but it’s not really working out in practice for me.

School Niggles

Sometimes school can be really annoying.  They do what suits them and not what suits you and your child or even sometimes the whole class.  Sometimes it feels like a bit of a dictatorship.  Yes you could go in and challenge things you don’t like, but in reality most of the time you don’t.  I tend to pick my battles and have only really gone into fight once in 5 years.

This week the children were going to be out of school all afternoon and into the evening for a big concert.  We’d been asked to provide a packed tea.  Fine – I had no problem with that.  But, a few days before the event, they changed it.  Yes, they were still going to the concert, but they were going to go into the town centre earlier to represent the school at a religious service.

I could see the logic from the school’s perspective.  Why send in two lots of kids when you can send in one to kill two birds with one stone?

The thing is that it turned a long day into an even longer one in some ways with the two events to attend.  Then there was the fact that they would no longer be at school for lunch, so they would need a packed lunch as well as packed tea.  So two cold meals for these children then?

School seemed to be concerned by the lack of a hot meal, so they sent a note home suggesting a cooked breakfast.  J leapt upon that idea.  So this morning I have made 2 packed meals as well as cooking a breakfast. Then I need to feed myself too.  At this rate I’ll never get out of the kitchen.  School if you were so keen on the cooked breakfast idea, you should have provided one.

Styles of Driving

I’d often noticed it myself that the driving style of an area a couple of miles away was very different to the one I am more used to.  It’s a more aggressive style of motoring with a disregard for politeness.  When it comes to parking too, there are many that seem to feel double yellows don’t apply to them and double parking while you wait for someone is acceptable even if it holds loads of people up.  I didn’t know that other people had noticed it too though until the other day.

On the way back from school, we saw a woman reversing out of her drive and a man seemingly moving towards her turning right out of the junction opposite.  Two of us were worried that he hadn’t seen her and the other said no he’s seen her, he’s just doing some ‘—- Road’ driving.  I knew exactly what she meant.

In fact, the driver had seen the woman reversing, he was just trying to block the carriageway so that he could get out after her.  It’s a tricky junction and I avoid turning right out of it, but that said I’m not sure the traffic flow on the road really justified the aggressive style of driving.   It didn’t sit well with driving in our area anyway: this type of behaviour seemed to clearly belong with ‘— Road’.

Then the conversation turned onto to how some areas of the city were even worse for driving styles that ‘— Road’.  They aren’t areas I visit that often, so I’d not really noticed that they were any worse than say ‘—Road’, but who knows it might be the case.  I do think though that we would all be a little less stressed both on the roads and in our lives with a more relaxed driving style.  More and more I try to leave more time for my journeys, so that things aren’t too frantic.

Ready To Pack Christmas Away?

ChristmasPart of me loves to see the Christmas decorations up after the big day and part of me wants to clear them away and move on.  I’ve always resisted the idea of taking them down before New Year, but this year I might think about getting rid of them earlier.

It feels like it’s time to leave Christmas behind and move on.  The tree and the cards and the decorations take up extra space.  It’s difficult to clean properly with all that stuff in the way.  I’m keen to get it all back up to the loft, where it belongs, and move on.

I think it’s partly because for one reason or another I didn’t feel particularly Christmassy this year and not really in the festive mood.  I felt I was going through the motions a little for the sake of my son who is now 9.  He didn’t seem to get into it as much as usual this year either.  The advent calendars didn’t seem too popular.  He gave up on getting the little penguin books out of the one calendar and I don’t think Joseph, Mary or the baby Jesus made it to the nativity scene either.  I think the magic has gone a little now that he no longer believes in Father Christmas.  That said, I think he was still pretty excited about getting his presents and his stocking gifts seemed to go down very well.

It seems a little sad not to have some magic though and I think next year I’ll try to revive it a little and maybe create some new traditions that are fun.

How was your Christmas?  Do you have any tips for bringing the magic back into the festive season?  What do you do with older children to keep some of the magic alive?