Putting Yourself Down

Last week we were in a park in a little village.  I was sat talking to a friend at a picnic bench.  About 20 metres away our 3 children (3,6 and 6) were happily engrossed in a sandpit that had a fence around it (so they were hidden from view a little).  After a while a woman said to us, “I’m sorry to disturb your afternoon out with my children’s noise.  I do ask them to be quiet, but they don’t always listen.” We said, “That’s fine our three are over there playing.” “Three?” she said.  She clearly thought we were sitting in a children’s playground without any children.
Two things struck me as odd.  One was that she would think anyone would sit in a children’s playground chatting, when they could so easily be in the beer garden of the excellent pub just up the road (I can assure you I know which I’d rather have been doing).  The other was that she seemed to be putting herself down and be over apologetic for something that she had no reason to be sorry for.  Her kids weren’t that noisy, in fact I’d barely registered they were there.  They certainly weren’t causing a problem and if they were being noisy what better place to be noisy?  I think we can try to be too perfect sometimes and can put ourselves down needlessly.  Do you ever put yourself down when there’s no real reason you should?

Dealing with Wet Beds

I’ve previously written about the fact that my son isn’t dry at night yet. I’ve talked about larger nappies and pyjama pants too.  Fairly often the nappies leak at night or more usually in the morning before he’s fully awake, so we have a waterproof sheet on the bed.  I’m struggling though to find something that suits.  We have one for a single bed that we use when we go away on holiday to make sure that we don’t get the mattress wet.  This waterproof sheet ties under the mattress and can be a bit difficult to put on.  Maybe a fitted sheet style one would be better.  Even though it’s only a few months old and has only been used when we are away, it’s already starting to show signs of wear and tear on the tapes that secure it.
On his bed at home we need something a bit smaller as it is one of those extendable beds from Ikea which we are now using with 3 different mattresses as it is fully extended.  Luckily only one mattress is likely to get wet so that is what we target with a cot bed sized cover that we’ve had for ages.  That needs replacing as it has worn out.  I do think it was badly made or poor quality too as I don’t think it should have broken, but it has.  Not sure what to do about replacing covers.  Do I go for bed mats?  Do I buy a more expensive waterproof sheet?  Are they any better anyway for the money?  Do you have any bed wetting solutions?

Dummies – Is there a time and a place for them?

Today I saw a child sporting a dummy as he walked around the playground.  I’m not sure exactly how old he was, but it seems unlikely that he was less than 3.  It made me feel sad as the dummy made him seem babyish, vulnerable and mute.
A few minutes later the dummy was out and it was as if he was another child: vocal, assertive, articulate and of his years.  Now it may be that he’d just woken up from his nap or something like that, but it did start me thinking about dummies.  When in a child’s life are they too old for them?  At what stage should they be limited to bedtime or nap time?  In short, when do they become a private bedtime thing and no longer suitable for daytime use?  I’m not sure of the answer (and I have no experience of using dummies apart from my son spitting them out when I tried them).  Perhaps it’s not right to be prescriptive and maybe it’s an individual thing.  What do you think?

Coping With The School Holidays?

Is it just me who isn’t coping with the school holidays?  I’m enjoying lots of time with my boy, but nothing else is getting done.  I shop and I cook (nothing fancy) so we can eat, but the house is untidy, not very clean and I don’t see that changing in a hurry.
I’m tired after long, but fun days and when we have quieter days at home, I have so many demands on my time that it’s impossible to get everything done.  My to do list is a mile long and I feel I’m sinking rather.  At this rate in September I’ll be deep cleaning the house and catching up until half term.
How do you cope with the school holidays?  Do you have any tips for getting the housework magically done?