More On Checking Your Bum Is Clean With A Shaving Mirror

So I’ve previously told you about how my son is currently checking his bum is clean with a shaving mirror.  This is proving helpful and problematic all rolled up into one.  It does seem to be helping him get clean, but it does involve positioning himself over the shaving mirror and performing some contortions to achieve it.  Of course, the problem is that the shaving mirror doesn’t travel around with us.  In fact, it’s even a problem at home sometimes, if someone else happens to be using the main bathroom when nature calls him.
So far we’ve had the shaving mirror moved out of the bathroom and downstairs because I was running a bath.  My husband was occupying the bathroom the other day and we had to press a wall mirror (that we’d taken down) into action.  So we squeeze this quite large mirror with an ornamental frame into the downstairs loo (which isn’t generous in size) and then J has to balance on the edges (avoiding the mirror class) to do his clean up operation.
I suppose I could let him have a handbag style mirror (I have a few kicking around), but these might be too small to do the job.  Plus, he can’t continue like this indefinitely can he?  Tips appreciated.

Play Date Etiquette

Since J started school we have quite a few of his classmates back to play and stay for tea once or twice.  We also have had his best friend back many times.  J has been to his best friend’s house many times in return and things work out fairly evenly.  Aside from his best friend, we have had 4 children back to play on a total of 5 occasions.  All the play dates seemed to go well and there were no major problems.  My son still plays with the children concerned at school, although not necessarily every day in every case. 
I’d kind of assumed that J would be invited back to these children’s homes in due course, but it hasn’t happened generally.  Out of the 5 play dates, he’s been invited back once.  Sometimes I know that it can be difficult to fit a return invite in with busy days and after school activities.  There may be family commitments that get in the way.  However, I had expected that he would be invited back more than 20% of the time.  If we accepted an invitation, I’d expect to return the favour within a month or two.  I’d have thought that was the unspoken rule.  It’s proved a bit awkward a few times when J has asked when he can go to so and so’s house and I’ve had to say that we have to wait to be invited.
I do wonder if we are being taken advantage of sometimes.  We probably aren’t and have just got a bit unlucky.  It has made me more reluctant to invite new children home though, as I don’t want J to get disappointed about not going back to that child’s house.  I’m not sure what I can do about it.  Should I invite the same children again?  Should I only invite new children that haven’t been invited before?  Should I avoid inviting anybody (apart from his best friend)? What do you think? 

Checking Your Bum Is Clean With A Mirror

I kid you not.  I’ve talked about our pooey pants problem. My husband tried to deal with the issue by using a shaving mirror to show my son where the problem was.  This seemed to help.
Then this morning ten minutes before we are due to leave the house for school, J decides to have a poo.  He’s there for ages because he’s using the shaving mirror to check that he’s got rid of all the poo.  He doesn’t come out of the bathroom until it’s time to leave to school.  Sadly, he wasn’t ready either he still had to clean his teeth, wash his face and get dressed.  I’m not sure how this is going to play out.  If the shaving mirror is just an aid to help him understand what he has to do and he uses it for a little while, then that is fine.  If it becomes a prop though we’ll be in trouble.  Shaving mirrors aren’t usually provided at school or in public toilets after all.
Does anyone have any tips that don’t involve shaving mirrors?

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Missing Gloves

Last year I bought my son J 4 or 5 pairs of gloves from a local shop of the ‘poundland’ variety.  They were 79 pence per pair and I bought multiple pairs.  They had distinctive rubbery designs on the palms to make them easier for rugby catches, etc.  and they were a nice fit.  I labelled each glove up before allowing them out.
Over the course of last winter they all got lost.  Or should I say almost all did.  I have two single gloves left from different pairs.  I think they were all lost at school.  So why have none of them come back to us?  They were labelled clearly, just inside the cuff, not hidden away anywhere.  A quick glance inside would have revealed who they belonged to.  So why didn’t this happen?  Do the school have a glove mountain?  If every child lost as many gloves as J, then they’d be struggling to store them.
I know there is an element of my son needing to look after his things too.  He’s only 6 though and he doesn’t yet seem to have that much awareness or at least when it comes to gloves.  If you asked him where his Lego pieces were, he’d know.  I could try elastic through the sleeves and other tricks, but I don’t want him to be seen as a baby by his classmates. 
So I’ve been to the shop this morning and bought 2 more pairs of gloves which I have labelled up.  So they are all ready to go to school and get lost again.  Got a bargain with those as they were only 50p per pair.  I think the shop is getting rid of some old stock before getting more in.  I’d have bought more than 2 pairs if they had had them.  I’ve also arranged to do some single glove swapping with one of J’s friend’s mothers as they bought gloves from the same shop too.  They’ve lost most of theirs too and only have a few single gloves to swap.

Pooey Pants

We’ve been having some problems with my son’s personal hygiene recently.  He’d got fairly good at wiping his bum and whilst it wasn’t perfect (a few skid marks); it wasn’t so bad.  Then all of a sudden it seemed to get worse.  It’s like he doesn’t care. can’t be bothered, etc.  I’d have thought it would make his bottom sore, but he hasn’t complained about it.  Maybe he’s just too busy with other things to think about it.  I don’t know.
I do know that I have had to wash a lot of pooey pants that have more than just some faint skid marks on them.  I’ve caught him sneakily changing his pants during the day and putting the offending ones into the laundry basket.  The other day he went to a friend’s house after tea and they had to change him.  Thankfully they are close friends and know him well, but it was still embarrassing.  We’ve tried rewarding clean pants; we tried talking to him about it; and I’m not sure what to try next.  Any ideas?