Tricky Friendships

My son J has a very good friend that he’s known for ages right from preschool through to school.  They’ve always got on well and in some ways it was a relationship, I didn’t really think about because it seemed to come so naturally.  So it was down to earth with a bump when we found out that his friend didn’t want to play because he was scared.

I was a bit bemused to begin with as my son is a fairly gentle soul.  We’ve never had any complaints about him apart from the state of his handwriting. So it was a real shock to find out J’s friend was scared of him.

With hindsight I had noticed and J had complained about his friend hitting him.  I’d pick that up when J was with me, but it seems it had been going on in the playground too.  I think J had just got fed up of it happening so often and had taken matters into his own hands.  He’d taken things a bit too far though and managed to frighten his friend rather than just warn him off.  Now they need to work together to put their friendship back on equal terms.  Friendships are a tricky business even when you’re 6 years old.

Snack Saga Continues

snack sagaSo the other day I told you about the Snack Saga at J’s school.  It was annoying me that the school had introduced this new system for the infants and didn’t seem to realise that it really wasn’t working.  After giving them over half a term to get over any initial teething problems, it was clear that it was never going to happen, so I decided to write in instead.

They have now said that they will address a number of the concerns which is good news, but they haven’t gone so far as to change the system sadly.  Hopefully now though, J will have his slice of toast each day as well as the free fruit snack that they get given in the infants at his school.

I’d prefer to just send in a snack of our own choosing with him each day.  That way, I’d know for sure he had it and we wouldn’t have to bother with finding the right change any more.  It would also be a damn sight more healthy than a slice of buttered, white sliced bread, toast.  The toast is the only paid for snack option available at J’s school and they aren’t allowed to bring in their own snacks.  Juniors can bring in fruit snacks, as they don’t get this for free.  Once J is in the Juniors, we might just do the fruit snack thing.  It will be healthier and I will be sure that it is something that he likes and will eat.  He’s not a fussy eater, but he doesn’t like the texture of fresh bananas (although he likes banana flavoured foods) and oranges aren’t a big hit either.  Bananas and oranges seem to come up very frequently, so if I was sending in fruit as a snack each day, I’d avoid them.  Then I’d be sure he’d had a snack he could eat and I could ignore the canteen toast offering.