Giving It A Go

Having got to the stage where we have been working up to take J to the doctors about the night time bedwetting, we thought we’d better have a go without nappies first.  We didn’t hold out high hopes, after all there have been plenty of wet beds and full nappies in recent weeks.  Still part of me felt that he was using the nappy as a crutch a bit and it wouldn’t do any harm to see how he managed without it.  In fact, last week he admitted to having two wees in his nappy before lights out, due to pure laziness I think.

So we have been giving it a go.  I made sure I had plenty of bedding ready to go.  So far we have had some success.  The first night he was dry until 3.15am, which isn’t too bad considering sometimes I’ve had to change the bed at 10pm.

This morning was rather unexpected.  I woke up at 5.45 and quickly thought to myself that so far I hadn’t been summoned to change a wet bed.  I was interested to know if he would wee the bed as he woke up, or whether he would wake up before that.  As it happened a little while later he emerged with a dry bed and dry pyjama bottoms.  I’m not going to get too excited about one night (we’ve managed one night before), but I did give him loads of praise.  One thing that worries me is that he hasn’t woken up to go to the loo during the night, so I don’t know whether his body is reading the signals yet.  Last night has given me some hope though that we might be able to lick this without the need for a doctor’s visit and a hospital referral.  If so, so much the better.

May Procession

May Procession For Our LadyMy son is at an RC school and once a year they have a May procession.  May is the month of Our Lady and the children process around with their flowers and then lay them as offerings, by the statue of Mary at the end.  The children who have just celebrated their first Holy Communion are dressed up in their finery:

  • Boys in red ties, red sashes, white shirt and grey trousers.
  • Girls in a white dress which can vary from the simple to the elaborate with veils, headdresses, tiaras, gloves etc.  as optional extras.

It’s always a lovely sight to see and the children get to wear their posh clothes for another day.  There’s quite a range of flowers taken to school ranging from hand picked garden flowers (my preference) to commercial bouquets from garage or supermarket.

With the dresses there is a similar range too from simple white/ivory shift dresses to full blown gypsy wedding affairs. Again I think the simpler versions look best and so much more suited to a 7 year old girl.  The boys all look the same: smart, but simple.

The May Procession is a lovely chance to get outside and watch the children walk round while they sing hymns.  There are some lovely hymns to Our Lady and the children seem to enjoy singing them.  It’s a highlight of the school calendar and the children look forward to taking part.  It’s a very pretty sight and I’ve been known to shed a tear or two.  It also involves the parents with the school, which has to be a good thing.

The greatest honour though is being selected as May Queen.  This is usually a girl from the top class.  Sometimes they wear their confirmation dress, but actually they look lovely in just a school dress.

Yet More On The Snack Saga

snack sagaI originally told you about the problems we were having with snacks at school here.  The school had changed the way they were doing snacks and H was no longer getting his snack every day for one reason or another.  I did write to the school and they replied promising things would be better.

And they were better.  J has got his snack most days and whilst the new system was still a bit of a pain, it was working ok.  But, now we’ve hit some more problems.  J’s wallet disappeared.  He claimed to have looked for it without success and he said his teacher and teaching assistant knew he was missing.  He didn’t get his snack because he didn’t have his purse.

The next day I sent in the money in a little plastic bag, but by snack time it had gone missing.  So no snack.  The next day he had a mix of coins loose in his book bag because I only remembered at the last minute. By snack time he’d lost one of the coins.  So no snack.

I had a word with the deputy head the next morning as she was on playground duty.  She said she’d look into it and make sure that day’s money was safe.  That seemed to happen.  J had his snack and his purse turned up – it had been in his pump bag.  I had asked the first day if it was there, but he’d told me not to be silly: it wouldn’t be there.

So it certainly seems J is a bit absentminded and disorganised about his snack money.  I’m not sure if there is anything more sinister at play like another child stealing.  At the moment I don’t think so.  I guess we’ll have to hope J gets more organised about his money.