The Speciality Tea Rip Off

speciality teaRecently, I’ve noticed an increasing trend by cafes and restaurants to charge more for a speciality tea than a normal black tea. It mystifies me how they think this is justified and I have to wonder if anyone actually pays the premium.  Often I’d like a peppermint tea or whatever, but I opt for normal black tea because I don’t like being ripped off.  Do they call it speciality tea, rather than herbal tea or fruit tea to try to justify the extra price?

I’d have thought that there isn’t really a cost difference for them, so why do they feel the need to charge more?  Presumably, they are just wanting to up their profits, but when it feels like a rip off, it doesn’t leave a good impression of the establishment, does it? Herbal and fruit teas might be a little more expensive to buy than normal black tea, but it’s fairly marginal I’d have thought especially if you buy in bulk.  Generally, these teas are basically a tea bag and some hot water.  Occasionally, you might get a slice of lemon too, but that is rare.  Black tea comes with milk which is an extra cost that herbal teas don’t incur.  There’s no extra work involved, in fact probably less as you don’t have to deal with the milk.

I think it’s madness and I won’t pay the premium.  I challenge any cafe owner to justify price levels of up to 40p a cup higher than normal black tea.

Over Harsh Punishments at School

I do wonder whether some of the punishments passed out at my son’s school aren’t a bit over the top.  Now J is a junior he is expected to take more responsibility for his own work, behaviour and homework, which is fair enough.  That’s all part of growing up after all.

So far though J has complained about being held back in at break time to read because his reading diary hadn’t been signed by me.  The idea seems to be that he has to take responsibility for this being done.  I had a look in his book that evening and was at a bit of a loss to understand what the problem was as I thought I’d done it.  Now though he is paranoid about having it signed.

Now J does read most evenings after school and at the weekend, but now and again, we have a busy evening where that doesn’t really happen.  To me that is no big deal, in fact, I’m not sure he needs to do this formal reading daily anyway as he is a very good reader for his age and enjoys reading books.  Sometimes we have made something up because we had a busy evening and we write in a book he read for fun earlier in the week say.  The thing is it all feels like a bit of a farce.

The other thing that seems to be going on is that if the children don’t behave properly when going back into school (I think some are chatting when they shouldn’t be), then their class isn’t allowed to play with the outdoor toys provided during their next break.  Now I’m sure J isn’t whiter than white on this one, but he says that some children break the rules all the time, but everyone suffers.  I know I used to hate this sort of blanket punishment when I was at school: it just makes the kids who didn’t do anything wrong resentful and I didn’t respect the teachers who did it.  I was too much of a good girl to let it show, but I don’t have a lot of time for teachers who think that these sort of punishments at school are a good way to maintain good discipline.