Bin Day Daftness

bins out for bin dayToday we were walking to school.  It was bin day and the bin lorry was actually doing its collection as we walked up the road.  We went past them and then came across another council employee putting a bag of rubbish from the park on the pavement for collection.  I was very impressed by the joined up thinking that had the park bins being emptied at just the time the bin lorries were in the area.

Fast forward 20 minutes and I’m walking back from school.  The bin lorry has been and gone.  The wheelie bins on the street are all empty.  What’s this though?  The bin bag from the park is still there.  It wasn’t put on the lorry. And guess what?  A magpie has already pecked its way through to get at some tasty morsel.  There will be litter on the road next I’m sure now there’s a hole in the bag.

So much for being impressed at the coordination – there was none.  Now thinking about it, I think the council do send round a flat-bed to collect the park rubbish, but you’d have thought the bin men could have taken a second to sling it on the lorry.  Instead it’s been left there and now the birds have got at the bag and there will be litter on the street.  They don’t litter pick as often as they should do councils these days with all the cuts, so there will be litter flying around for weeks probably.  One of the things I hate to see is litter.  I’m the type who will chase down a runaway tissue, so I can not get the mentality of those who drop stuff.  We also need to be aware that animals will get into bin bags that are left around and contents will get emptied.  It’s a pity the council didn’t give this some thought.