My Child Doesn’t Grow At Convenient Times

The shops seem to think that children only grow out of school uniform to fit in with their Back to School promotions.  Have you tried finding uniform out of season at the supermarket or other budget clothing store?  You’ll be hard pressed to find any in your size.

I spent months trying to get school trousers at the store where I do my big shop.  I am a lazy shopper and I can’t be bothered with going shopping for the sake of it, so I look to buy when I am in store for something else.  It saves time and it saves petrol, assuming you can find what you are looking for that is.

Eventually I got the school trousers and then I started looking for school shirts.  I went to a different store for some reason so I tried there . No joy.  I tried at my normal store a few times and nothing.  Today they had lots for girls and lots of long-sleeved shirts for boys (in May!), but no short-sleeved white boys school shirts.  Ridiculous!

It wasn’t just my regular supermarket.  I thought I’d have a look in the local Matalan as I was just around the corner.  They had the school shirts, but only for 3 year olds(!) and 13 year olds.  There were loads of those sizes, but none of others.

My son tends to grow out of stuff around the time of his birthday.  As this doesn’t happen to fit in with Back to School time, we seem to miss out.  I think I’m either going to have to stock up in September and hang onto the stuff for 6-8 months or I’m going to have to shop at school suppliers shops or similar.  That’s where I had to go to get a school shirt today.  Downside to that is increased cost – about twice the price – and confusing sizes (who knows the collar size of a 8-year-old?).

Parking on a Roundabout

What sort of numpties park around the edges of a roundabout?  It’s not something I’d ever think to do myself, which is why I can’t understand why anyone would think to do it.

Last weekend there was a fair on in the local park.  It was the usual overpriced nonsense, but it seemed popular.  Popular with parking numpties that is.  The cars were parked on both sides of a street that local people take care only to park on one side of.  You had to hope and pray no one wanted to come the other way otherwise there would be a lot of reversing going on as there were precious few spaces to pull into.

Then there was the roundabout.  It’s not a big roundabout.  There is just about enough room for a car to get past if another car was parked on the side of road opposite the roundabout island.  Normally no one parks there – why would they? On fair day some lazy person had parked there.  The trouble is that it’s a bus route and there wasn’t room for a bus to get past the car.  Hence the road was blocked causing traffic mayhem.

The bus company diverted the bus route and came out further up.  The buses tried to turn right at another tight junction.  Some numpty had parked opposite the junction.  There was no chance of edging around because there were cars parked everywhere around the junction.  Isn’t there a rule about parking within 10 metres of a junction.  There were 4 cars breaking this rule.  The bus didn’t stand a chance.

I’m guessing that eventually these people returned to their cars.  Do you think they paid compensation to the people held up on their journey?  I’m inclined to think they were the sort of folk who don’t care about inconveniencing others.