Crawling Through Treacle

christmas stressTrying to juggle everything seems to become ever harder and there never seems to be a let up.  Christmas is now very much on the horizon and I have no idea how I am going to get that one sorted.  At the moment I am just about keeping all my juggling balls in the air, but it doesn’t take much to threaten that.

This week I am really very busy with work and I think the same will be true next week too.  That means that other stuff takes a back seat like housework and Christmas shopping, but sooner or later they will become urgent too and something else will have to give.  Hopefully, work will be a bit less frantic then and I’ll be able to continue to manage everything, but you never know how things will work out.  The alternative is to take time out of other things, you know like ‘me time’.  The trouble with that is that it means life isn’t good to live and it doesn’t motivate you to get though.  Thankfully some of my ‘me time’ stuff finishes early for Christmas, so I will get a bit of extra time then without feeling that I am missing out in some way.

I often wonder if there is a way that I could get smarter, more organised and make it all work more smoothly.  I did do some stuff early in a bout of organisation a few months ago, so that does help now.  Maybe I should have done more then, but I expect there were other things to juggle then too – there always is, isn’t there?

How do you manage to keep everything running fairly smoothly?  How do you cope with Christmas? How will you make it work this year? Do you ever drop your juggling balls?

School Absence Problems

The government is so hot on time off school these days, but it doesn’t always put the needs of the child first.  This week J has been struggling with a virus, not a bad one, but not 100%.  He’s gone into school every day, and every day I’ve half expected a phone call asking me to collect him.

Given free rein I’d have given him an easy week, maybe a few half days or a day off, but the school system isn’t flexible enough to allow for that.  I think it ought to be especially at primary level. I know the government goes on about how it’s best for children not to miss school and they talk about the study they had done.  If you read the study in detail though, it’s clearly deeply flawed and the facts have been collected in such a way as to support the argument the government is putting forward.  Their figures aren’t about a child having a week off in primary school, but all about a child missing time in crucial exam years, but you wouldn’t know that from the spin they put on it.  If they want people to take them seriously they should get a proper impartial study done.

Anyway my child has had a tough week, but he’s come through it and he still has a 100% attendance record for the year, just in case he needs to miss time later in the year, he has credit built up for now.