Why Are The Shops Open On Boxing Day?

It’s a serious question.  Why Are The Shops Open On Boxing Day? Is there really any need for it?  The answer is clearly no.  We can easily manage another day with the shops being closed.  So why are they open?  Pure greed.

It’s another shopping day and another day to get money out of us.  If that wasn’t bad enough.  It means that retail staff have to work on a day they should be with their families.  I can’t see the appeal of shopping on Boxing Day.  Surely another day with the family or simply lazing around is much more appealing.

I used to enjoy the sales when they were held on 27th December onwards, but I just don’t go anymore.  I don’t even go on the 27th anymore.  In fact, I give the sales a miss and I don’t really mind.  I tend to buy a lot less stuff that I don’t really need as a result and I save myself a lot of money. I have had some great bargains in the sales, but only when I have spent a lot of time doing my homework.  When I used to work in the city centre I could scout out what I wanted to buy during my lunch hours in December.  Then I’d be waiting to pounce as the sales started.  In one case, the winter coat I’d set my heart on was reduced when I went to check on it on my way home on Christmas Eve.  I gave the sales a miss that year as I already had what I wanted.

I think we should all make a stand about Boxing Day so that everyone who isn’t an essential worker (like a health professional or similar) is able to enjoy Boxing Day with their family.  Please don’t go to the shops on 26th December.  Don’t encourage the greedy retailers.

School Clubs

It seems a pity that there isn’t a greater consistency about after school clubs between schools.  I don’t mean the after school childcare clubs, but the fun clubs to develop an interest or skill.  Some local schools seem to offer a great range with different things on each night and something to suit every child.

Our school on the other hand has something to suit my child maybe for one evening for one half term a year say.  Sports seem to be offered more often than non-sports.  Generally, I’m all for sports, but I do struggle to persuade my son to take part as he’s not a natural.  We did have a language club for a while which was over subscribed and then the teacher left so it stopped.   Most of the clubs seem to only run for 6 weeks and then they finish, so just as the children are settling in they stop.  Seems a bit daft.

Doing stuff after school makes a lot more sense than going to a separate club.  After all it means less parents on the road desperately trying to get somewhere straight after school or doing the rush hour. It’s also less tiring for the children.  I guess it might mean that they mix with a narrower circle, but by having clubs that combine different years, you can get round this a little.