Parking In The Bus Stop Again!

parents parking near schoolI’ve written before about people  cars parking in the bus stop near our school while they drop off their kids.  It’s clearly not right and the bus company have complained to the school umpteen times.  The school have asked parents not to park there.  It’s common sense too and a matter of consideration for others.  It makes it more difficult for buses to pull in safely, which potentially puts passengers at risk.  It’s not necessary either as there is plenty of parking close to school, but of course some of it means parking 2 or 3 minutes walk away rather than 1.

They have been warned and threatened with penalty notices, but still the drivers ignore the requests.  Most o f them drive Audis, Mercs and BMWs and I have to wonder if there is a correlation between their choice of car to drive and their disregard for others.

I shall be laughing my head off if they get fined.  I really hope it happens and I hope the bus company does impose their penalties.  I don’t understand who would think to park in a bus stop anyway.  The only time I’ve pulled in at one is to let out a passenger and that would take less than a minute.  I guess you might to take an important phone call, but I just tend to ignore the phone when I’m in the car.  Parking up in one and leaving my car there would not enter my head for a moment.  A bus stop is off-limits for parking, simple as.  Why do these people not think the same way?