Litter – I Hate It

I never get why anyone feels it is ok to litter.  Many is the time I’ve dashed across a park to retrieve a tissue that has blown away or something.  I do it instinctively.  I never drop litter deliberately.  Why would I?  I carry stuff till I find a bin and then I put it in.  It’s really simple and easy.  Why would anyone not do the same?

I’m really curious to know why people think it’s ok to do.  Do they think it gives street cleaners a job?  Are they so lazy that they really can’t be bothered?  Do they have so little pride in the environment and surroundings that they don’t care? Don’t they care about the effects on others and on wildlife?  I’d like to think none of these were true, but there must be a reason because there is an awful lot of litter out there.

Local authorities could do more to help.  The good ones make getting rid of rubbish properly easy.  Our council is quite good at it, but even they fall down on things like bulky waste collection – they charge for it to be taken away, which I think could encourage fly tipping.  Councils should make it easy and free to get rid of rubbish, so that it is done properly.  Of course, that does cost money and council tax payers have to cough up.

Sometimes I am on the train and look out at the backs of houses alongside railway lines.  So many times I’ve seen stuff shoved over onto the railway companies’ land.  In many cases there is really only one way it could have got there and that is due to the occupants of the house.  It saddens me.  It’s so unnecessary.

It’s even worse out in the countryside or on the beach.  Who thinks it’s ok to leave behind their rubbish in these precious places?

Why Don’t People Follow The Rules?

Rules are generally there for a reason aren’t they?  They are there to keep us safe and secure; to protect people and property; and to allow things to work efficiently.  What I don’t get though is why so many people seem to think that the rules don’t apply to them.

This week I saw a woman, coming into my son’s school to pick up a Reception child, parking on the zigzags.  In fact, I saw her do it two days running.  No parking on the zigzags is a rule there to protect children as they come into and leave school.  The zigzags and the rule exist for a reason.  If there isn’t anywhere legal to park near school, maybe you should either get there earlier or park further away and not be so lazy.

Regularly there are parents parking in the bus stop to pick up or drop their kids at school.  There’s a rule to say don’t do it and it’s there to protect the people getting on and off the bus.  Again find somewhere else to park even if it is further away: it will do you and your kids good to walk a little further anyway.

Sometimes people park across driveways.  I have this happen outside my house and I know it happens to people who live near my son’s school. Strictly speaking it is illegal to block someone onto their drive, but not to park across it when they aren’t there.  It is an unwritten rule though because it is so inconsiderate and annoying.  Again there is no need for it, but people still do it and it’s usually laziness at the root of it all, plus a brazen lack of consideration for others.

Speeding.  There’s another rule.  I have to hold my hands up and say I have exceeded the limit on occasion, but I do try to stay within it on residential roads in particular.  I would be horrified if I hurt or killed someone’s child or pet because of exceeding the limit.  The rules are there for a reason.  Today (on a Sunday) there were people speeding up and down our road (which is obviously residential).  Not boy racer speeds, but speeding none the less.  One was doing it and wasn’t even looking at the road ahead.  I still feel guilty about the squirrel I killed accidentally about 10 years ago when it ran under my wheels (when travelling well within the limit).  Would these drivers feel as guilty if they hurt or killed someone or something?  Why do these people break the rules?  Every day lives are destroyed or ruined because people break the rules, but still it happens.