To Those Encountered On The School Run This Week

It’s been one of those weeks where I have got annoyed by other people’s inconsiderate behaviour.  It doesn’t have to be stuff that directly affects me to get my goat.  I don’t like seeing inconsiderate behaviour full stop.

There were the young men who thought it was a good idea to be riding a trail bike in our park when I set off to school one afternoon.  It’s not allowed and there are reasons for that.  It’s not considerate of other parks users and potentially dangerous.  Plus the grass is a bit delicate at the moment and doesn’t need the abuse. Take your expensive toy elsewhere where it is legal to use it or get rid of it.

Another young man seemed to think that the bus lane was there so he could nip to the front of the queue at the traffic lights and get ahead of the other traffic.  Someone did that there the other year at high-speed and killed someone.  Don’t do it.  Also, I have no interest in hearing your rubbish music, so either close your window or turn it down.

A parent at the school, whose kids are thankfully in other classes to my son, seemed to think it was ok for her son to run riot over the communal gardens of a block of flats.  The gardens are beautifully kept and her son wasn’t taking care of whether he trampled the flowers.  She was annoyed that one of the residents was at the window looking on disapprovingly, but I think they had every right to as effectively it’s their back garden, even if there is nothing to stop naughty kids running onto it, if their parents don’t care.  Then she took her kids back to the car that was parked in the bus stop, making it difficult for passengers to get off the bus safely.  Clearly her convenience is all that matters.

There were some nice people too.  The man who always smiles as he carries his toddler daughter across the road in the morning.  Some parents who always smile and say hello even though their kids are in different years.  The man who collects up rubbish as he walks through the park.  I’m thankful that these people are there too.

Worry About Spending The Night Away

Going away with his parents is fine for J.  He’s still self-conscious about not being dry at night.  He never wakes up to go to the toilet himself and we keep him out of nappies these days by lifting him.  Frankly it’s cheating at being dry at night, but it does help his self-esteem because he isn’t wearing nappies.

He rarely has an accident these days unless we try the odd night without lifting him to see if he’s ok.  When we go away we tend to use pyjama pants as a back up to avoid embarrassment on his part again of wet sheets.  He’s fine with that if he’s sharing a room with us and most of the time he is.

The thing is that J is nearly 9 and he’s getting the opportunity to go away for nights without us now.  He’s been offered a cub scout camp which I think he’d love to go on.  He hasn’t said as much, but I think it is the dry at night thing that is holding him back.  That saddens me as  I think he is missing out on things he wants to do.  I’ve offered to have a word with the cub leaders, but he doesn’t want that either because he’s embarrassed.  We have always tried to reassure him that he doesn’t need to be embarrassed, but it’s inevitable that he will feel self-conscious about it I think.

I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t go back to the doctor about it.  I took him when he hit 7 and the doctor didn’t want to know because there was a family history on his dad’s side.  With 9 approaching, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have it checked out.  I might have a word with the school nurse soon and see what they think.