Fed Up Of Flakiness

Recently I’ve been trying some new things in my professional blogging life that have involved joining some specialist groups and ‘tribes’ with a view to increasing interaction.  Up front people are asked to only join if they are committed or active and the idea usually is that people get involved daily or near daily.  It’s quite a commitment, but it can be worth it if people take part.

Part of the problem is that the groups need to be small to be workable, but that is also problematic if people don’t pull their weight as there aren’t enough involved to carry a lot of slack.  I know sometimes something unexpected comes up and takes over your life and I know that everyone needs a break now and again.  That’s not really been the problem in these groups though.

People seem to have signed up to doing something and then almost immediately failed to do it.  This leaves the few who are doing the necessary feeling a bit stranded.  You either carry on the group with the dead weight in it or you start to (nicely) manage them out and find some new participants.  Sometimes though there just aren’t enough active members of the group to do that and everything just fizzles out.

One of my groups, one that I was quite excited about, has done just that.  I’ve given up posting in the group because no one else was and my posts were just sitting there unliked.  The frustrating thing with that one is that group members are posting elsewhere, so it’s not clear why they didn’t in this group.

Another one seems to be dying.  The organiser is trying new things trying to inject some light into it, but it’s really only me and her posting regularly.  A few others dip in and out, but no one else seems very committed.

Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I’m a bit ‘my word is my bond’ and I will endeavour to meet my commitments if I put myself forward for something.  Sadly not everyone seems to think the same way.


Anyone who uses the word ‘remoaners’ as an insult to another needs to take a good, hard look at themselves as a human being.  My first thought is that it is a phrase that belongs in the playground and there is certainly an immature thing to do to call someone or even a group of people that.  To say it belongs in the playground though would be saying it’s acceptable there and really it isn’t.  It would be called name-calling at best and bullying at worst.

Using the word ‘remainers’ is fine as it clearly indicates someone’s view-point without being derogatory.  It gives us a shorthand for talking about issues.  As does the word ‘leavers’. I’m not mad keen on the word Brexit as I think it’s a bit ugly, but I don’t find that offensive. Ditto for words derived from it by and large.

I am amazed by the number of people who think it is great fun to write comments on the 48% Facebook page and on the websites of newspapers and the like, basically insulting a large proportion of the population with their taunts and jibes about the referendum decision.  Frankly I’m ashamed of their behaviour and I don’t even know them. I do wonder if I should really be feeling sorry for them, as they don’t appear to have anything better or worthwhile to do.  They don’t seem to be wanting to work towards unity or find a way to make the decision work for us, they seem to be all about goading and trying to provoke a reaction.  They don’t seem to be contributing much to our country about from trying to create resentment or get one over on someone else.  I suspect that they were bullies at school and they have continued with their behaviour in adult life, but I don’t know that.  Maybe it’s a cry for help.