Ready To Pack Christmas Away?

ChristmasPart of me loves to see the Christmas decorations up after the big day and part of me wants to clear them away and move on.  I’ve always resisted the idea of taking them down before New Year, but this year I might think about getting rid of them earlier.

It feels like it’s time to leave Christmas behind and move on.  The tree and the cards and the decorations take up extra space.  It’s difficult to clean properly with all that stuff in the way.  I’m keen to get it all back up to the loft, where it belongs, and move on.

I think it’s partly because for one reason or another I didn’t feel particularly Christmassy this year and not really in the festive mood.  I felt I was going through the motions a little for the sake of my son who is now 9.  He didn’t seem to get into it as much as usual this year either.  The advent calendars didn’t seem too popular.  He gave up on getting the little penguin books out of the one calendar and I don’t think Joseph, Mary or the baby Jesus made it to the nativity scene either.  I think the magic has gone a little now that he no longer believes in Father Christmas.  That said, I think he was still pretty excited about getting his presents and his stocking gifts seemed to go down very well.

It seems a little sad not to have some magic though and I think next year I’ll try to revive it a little and maybe create some new traditions that are fun.

How was your Christmas?  Do you have any tips for bringing the magic back into the festive season?  What do you do with older children to keep some of the magic alive?

Ready For Christmas

It’s been a really tricky sort of Christmas this year.  It’s kind of stolen up on me too which hasn’t helped.  More presents than ever to get on my side of the family: there’ll be even more next year too as there is another pregnancy.  Buying for my brother’s step children is a new one this year and that’s been a bit odd (especially as I’ve only met them once so far and I’ve been told to buy them vouchers – they are teenagers).

The last few presents were bought yesterday.  I spent an hour and a half on a concerted effort and got home to have the final Amazon parcel delivered too.  I’ve bought some gift bags to help with the wrapping – I’m a hopeless wrapper-upper and I think I’m good to go now.  How are you doing?  Are you nearly ready now?

Every year I swear I’ll start earlier and this year I did get off to a good start. Somewhere it went wrong along the way – I blame October.  October was a fun month, but it was insanely busy and I know quite a few things slipped then.  Since then I’ve been playing catch up and I still haven’t quite got there, but the end is nearly in sight.

The Christmas cards still need writing and posting for the most part.  There’s food shopping to do too.  At least the bird is ordered from the butcher.  I’ve still got all the wrapping to do and there will still be quite a lot of it, even with some help from the gift bags.  Then there are all the special events at school.  They started today.  There’s something to remember every day from now on: Christmas jumpers, Christmas dinner, Christmas party bag, Christmas carol concert the list goes on and on.