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Fed Up Of Flakiness

Recently I’ve been trying some new things in my professional blogging life that have involved joining some specialist groups and ‘tribes’ with a view to increasing interaction.  Up front people are asked to only join if they are committed or active and the idea usually is that people get involved daily or near daily.  It’s quite a commitment, but it can be worth it if people take part.

Part of the problem is that the groups need to be small to be workable, but that is also problematic if people don’t pull their weight as there aren’t enough involved to carry a lot of slack.  I know sometimes something unexpected comes up and takes over your life and I know that everyone needs a break now and again.  That’s not really been the problem in these groups though.

People seem to have signed up to doing something and then almost immediately failed to do it.  This leaves the few who are doing the necessary feeling a bit stranded.  You either carry on the group with the dead weight in it or you start to (nicely) manage them out and find some new participants.  Sometimes though there just aren’t enough active members of the group to do that and everything just fizzles out.

One of my groups, one that I was quite excited about, has done just that.  I’ve given up posting in the group because no one else was and my posts were just sitting there unliked.  The frustrating thing with that one is that group members are posting elsewhere, so it’s not clear why they didn’t in this group.

Another one seems to be dying.  The organiser is trying new things trying to inject some light into it, but it’s really only me and her posting regularly.  A few others dip in and out, but no one else seems very committed.

Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I’m a bit ‘my word is my bond’ and I will endeavour to meet my commitments if I put myself forward for something.  Sadly not everyone seems to think the same way.

Hijacking of Facebook Posts

I enter a lot of online competitions and I come across the hijacking of competition posts on Facebook a lot.  Basically most people on the Facebook thread are entering the competition, but a few are there to air their grievances against the firm.

I don’t know if these people don’t know how to contact a firm on Facebook without using an existing thread or if they are deliberately using it as a way of showing the firm up.  Either way I hate it.  I am not interested if your order is delayed or if it’s faulty.  I don’t want that intruding into what I am doing i.e. entering competitions.  Surely it takes a particular type of arrogance if you think it’s ok to impose your tales about your problems on other people?

This morning I came across a Currys competition and had to scroll down quite a way to come across a comment that wasn’t a complaint.  I’d been thinking about writing this post for a while, but this really made me angry.  I couldn’t give a monkeys if Currys have messed you a complete stranger around and I don’t think you should expect me to read the comments you have put up. Either learn to use Facebook correctly (if it is ignorance that is causing the problem) or stop selfishly putting your problems into my feed. It really is that simple.  Don’t hijack Facebook competition posts.  Send a personal message or post on their wall if you like, but I don’t want to see it on competition posts frankly.  It reflects badly on you in my eyes and I don’t see it as a negative against the company because I am annoyed with your behaviour and not theirs. In fact, I feel sorry for them because you are messing up their Facebook page.


Unfollowing On Facebook

Over the last few weeks I’ve unfollowed 3 people on Facebook.  I’m still officially friends with them as I wasn’t looking to cause offence.  I don’t really want a lot to do with these people, but neither do I want any awkwardness.  Maybe that’s a bit cowardly, but I unfollowed them because I didn’t want to be exposed to things that I didn’t like to reduce my stress levels.

One had been brewing for a while, but the sharing of the nonsense around ‘using a pen’ for voting as a serious post, was the last straw for me.  Another shared a petition against the BBC.  I do think there has been a lot of uncalled for BBC bashing, but it wasn’t the petition that I objected to so much.  She seemed to have some friends who turned it into a bit of a bigoted discussion about the referendum and she did nothing to counter it.  I was a bit disappointed and decided to call it a day, although maybe I was a bit harsh.

The other was someone who I thought was a nice, tolerant person, partly because they had health issues that I thought might make them more accepting of others.  It didn’t seem to be the case post-referendum sadly, so I cut the news feed.

I’m a bit sad to do this in a way.  It’s not that I have any objection to seeing differing points of view, far from it.  If someone believes in something and can say why in a way that isn’t bigoted, then I have no issue with that.  I have been sorry to see so much prejudiced stuff, but I guess I should count myself lucky that I have only had 3 people in my news feed that I take issue with.  This seems pretty good when you consider I have a few hundred friends on Facebook. It also feels pretty good compared to my American cousin’s posts about things like gun control and gay rights.  He gets a lot of nonsense said back to him and I find some of it offensive on his behalf.

Driving On An Early Saturday Evening

Are certain types of day better or worse for quality of driving?  I’d like to think that first thing in the morning that people are on the ball.  As the rush hour wears on though, do the stress levels increase and bring in worse driving? During the day I find driving is less problematic, but there are always some loonies around.

This week I drove my son to an event in the early evening: 6pm start.  Now I’m not usually out and driving at this time.  As I turned onto the main road, I spotted a car being weaved in and out of traffic.  It wasn’t going amazingly fast, but a bit much so for the traffic conditions and that might have been why it wasn’t going any faster.  I ended up following it, as it turned left at the same lights as me and then I followed it (someone slower) until it turned left again at the next roundabout (so going back on itself).  I lost it there as I wasn’t driving around the block.

Now I have to wonder where it was actually going given that it turned left twice, which didn’t make much sense given local road layouts.  Maybe the two young men driving were lost, but given the amount of fun they seemed to be having in the car, I think they were probably out for the fun of the drive.  They worried me a bit because of that.  I didn’t really feel happy being on the same road as them, as I wasn’t convinced safety was  a top concern and I wasn’t sure they were concentrating that hard on the road.

Mobile Phones Need To Work

Last year I almost changed mobile phone provider.  Getting a signal at certain key locations for me was proving difficult and I wasn’t impressed by their foreign usage charging policy.  I was persuaded to stay, but I won’t be this time.

Mobile signal strength in our house used to be quite good.  It was rare to have any problems.  The other day we had a PJ day and I only got a signal for about 5 minutes.  I couldn’t send the texts I wanted to despite trying through the day wasting my precious time.  I live a few miles from the centre of a major city in a built up area.  The signal should be pretty cast iron reliable in my view and increasingly it’s not.  I’m missing calls and texts all over the place.  Sometimes my phone seems to have enough strength of signal to register a missed call, but not to actually ring to alert me to the call.  At home I don’t have a mobile phone in reality – I now have a device that works on my wifi, but that’s about it.

It’s no better at my parent’s house which is close by, in fact the signal there has always been pants.  At the mother in law’s it’s always been non-existent.  She doesn’t live in the sticks, so that shouldn’t be happening.  At my son’s tennis class there is often no signal too.

If a provider isn’t giving me a signal at the places I go to regularly, it simply isn’t providing me with the service I am paying for.  To be fair it’s often quite good when I am out and about, but as I work from home, that’s not that much consolation.

I read somewhere that the signal availability has got worst during the rollout of 4G.  I certainly get worse signal availability than I did previously and I will be moving in the hope of getting a better service.