School Niggles

Sometimes school can be really annoying.  They do what suits them and not what suits you and your child or even sometimes the whole class.  Sometimes it feels like a bit of a dictatorship.  Yes you could go in and challenge things you don’t like, but in reality most of the time you don’t.  I tend to pick my battles and have only really gone into fight once in 5 years.

This week the children were going to be out of school all afternoon and into the evening for a big concert.  We’d been asked to provide a packed tea.  Fine – I had no problem with that.  But, a few days before the event, they changed it.  Yes, they were still going to the concert, but they were going to go into the town centre earlier to represent the school at a religious service.

I could see the logic from the school’s perspective.  Why send in two lots of kids when you can send in one to kill two birds with one stone?

The thing is that it turned a long day into an even longer one in some ways with the two events to attend.  Then there was the fact that they would no longer be at school for lunch, so they would need a packed lunch as well as packed tea.  So two cold meals for these children then?

School seemed to be concerned by the lack of a hot meal, so they sent a note home suggesting a cooked breakfast.  J leapt upon that idea.  So this morning I have made 2 packed meals as well as cooking a breakfast. Then I need to feed myself too.  At this rate I’ll never get out of the kitchen.  School if you were so keen on the cooked breakfast idea, you should have provided one.