Snatch: A Disappointment

snatch gameI’ve been playing Snatch over the last few days and to be honest I’m about to delete it from my phone.  It’s been a big disappointment.

I joined up in the hope of earning some great rewards, but to be honest there hasn’t been anything that you couldn’t easily get elsewhere.  I had a free month’s NOW TV membership (with quite a short closing date) and a £5 to spend at Prezzy Box, but these are hardly exclusive deals and £5 is nothing really. There are apparently bigger prizes on offer, but I suspect there aren’t many of those around.  Mostly what I have won is coins and gems which I can use in the game.  To be honest this wouldn’t have been a deal breaker if I had enjoyed the game.

Another annoying thing is having your parcels snatched.  Now I appreciate that is part of the game and I fully expect to have a few parcels snatched here and there, but when someone decides it would be ‘fun’ to clean you out of parcels, it’s frankly a bit irritating.  It’s also annoying, and borderline picking on someone really, if you take parcel after parcel off one individual, one after the other in a few minutes. There are ways to defend yourself, but they cost a lot of coins generally so it isn’t always feasible to do.  It’s put me right off playing as I think there are a couple of natural bullies in my area.  Obviously, it isn’t in their interests to put off other local players, but I don’t know if that point has occurred to them.  Well they will just have to find someone new to snatch parcels off in future, but I don’t suppose new users will stick around for long either.

Snatch seems like a great concept, but it’s not really working out in practice for me.