Styles of Driving

I’d often noticed it myself that the driving style of an area a couple of miles away was very different to the one I am more used to.  It’s a more aggressive style of motoring with a disregard for politeness.  When it comes to parking too, there are many that seem to feel double yellows don’t apply to them and double parking while you wait for someone is acceptable even if it holds loads of people up.  I didn’t know that other people had noticed it too though until the other day.

On the way back from school, we saw a woman reversing out of her drive and a man seemingly moving towards her turning right out of the junction opposite.  Two of us were worried that he hadn’t seen her and the other said no he’s seen her, he’s just doing some ‘—- Road’ driving.  I knew exactly what she meant.

In fact, the driver had seen the woman reversing, he was just trying to block the carriageway so that he could get out after her.  It’s a tricky junction and I avoid turning right out of it, but that said I’m not sure the traffic flow on the road really justified the aggressive style of driving.   It didn’t sit well with driving in our area anyway: this type of behaviour seemed to clearly belong with ‘— Road’.

Then the conversation turned onto to how some areas of the city were even worse for driving styles that ‘— Road’.  They aren’t areas I visit that often, so I’d not really noticed that they were any worse than say ‘—Road’, but who knows it might be the case.  I do think though that we would all be a little less stressed both on the roads and in our lives with a more relaxed driving style.  More and more I try to leave more time for my journeys, so that things aren’t too frantic.